Welcome to our car benefit scheme

The scheme is a simple, easy way to drive a brand new car of your choice with all main costs such as servicing, maintenance, breakdown and insurance, included in the monthly price.  

How it works

Through the scheme, you can lease a brand new car of your choice from your employer and choose how you pay for it from three simple options – salary sacrifice, salary deduction or personal contract hire (PCH), with no deposit or credit checks required. All employees who meet the eligibility criteria can apply to join the scheme.

What is salary sacrifice?

Salary sacrifice is when you swap part of your monthly salary before tax in return for a car of your choice. Your gross pay reduces for the period of the lease contract which means you pay less Income Tax, National Insurance and Pension contributions. You can join the scheme under salary sacrifice with low or zero business miles and because of the savings, it is the cheapest option for most people.

What is salary deduction?

Each month car payments are taken from your net salary, so after tax. This means you pay the same tax and National Insurance contributions as you do now but your pension contributions are not affected. Any employee can join or switch from a salary sacrifice arrangement during their contract if they have a lifestyle change. Salary deduction may be more suitable for lower paid employees.

Personal contract hire (PCH)

You pay a fixed monthly cost for your car and return it at the end of the contract. Under this personal arrangement, you make payments by direct debit and your take home pay does not reduce. You do not pay company car (Benefit in Kind) tax. Servicing, maintenance, breakdown and insurance are optional. PCH could suit employees who would like a second car or are retiring or leaving the organisation within three years.

Business journeys

If your job requires you to travel, you will also be paid a business allowance including fuel costs, on submission of a monthly mileage return.

About Knowles Fleet

Knowles Fleet is a private limited company formed in 1990. We have been at the forefront of the management of lease car schemes since their introduction into the National Health Service in 1987. Through our long association with the NHS and local authorities, we have established ourselves as specialists in the design and management of public sector car schemes.

We provide a fully inclusive management service, embracing every aspect of fleet management. Our service focus is on cost reduction and the continuous improvement of our clients’ fleet and travel arrangements. Our experience is gained from the implementation and management of medium and large fleets throughout the UK.


Knowles Fleet can provide a whole host of services from Lease Car Management, all the way to Fleet Insurance. You'll also have access to a large number of leasing companies, allowing you to make sure you get the best choice of vehicles that will suit your needs.

Lease Car Scheme
The provision of a car as part of an employment package has become an increasingly important element in reducing costs, improving safety and reducing the carbon footprint.
Driver Services
Our customer service provides comprehensive advice and information about all aspects of the scheme. Selection of the make and model of vehicle will be simplified with our online quotation portal.
Mileage and Expenses
Our mileage reporting and expense system can be utilised by all, including company cars, private cars and expenses only. The system forms a part of our Greyfleet management package.
Salary Sacrifice
Salary Sacrifice provides an opportunity to enhance and extend the benefits of a lease car scheme to all employees who can opt to reduce their salary by the value of the private use contribution.
Greyfleet Management
Greyfleet is simply the term used to describe any vehicles that do not belong to the company, but which are used for business travel. This might include a vehicle via employee ownership scheme.
Accident Management
We will reduce insurance premiums by managing claims. We will reduce the turnaround time for repairs and reduce the administration burden for drivers.
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